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Current Portfolio of Products/Services

Time Planning GifTOUCH
Corporate Gift Distribution: Procurement-Customization-Supply of a variety of 'Gifts' for A/B/C Corporates to delight their Premium clients - A comprehensive solution to Corporate Gifting - Wide selection of Corporate Gifts.
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Time immemorial, since the time of Rishis and Vedas, man has always been blessed with the awareness of his own state of existence in the past, the present and the future. And "SofTOUCH" serves the people in their vital need of maintaining Diaries, Note-Books and Journals to move-on with their plans, actions and knowledge jotted down in the present, which leave the traces to the good old past and look for a very bright future.
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Time Planning

Online Advertising
  • Advertising through suitable media
  • Advertising Concept Development
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Advertising Consultation
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'Customized Paper Canisters' for Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Electrical, Electronic, Liquid & Fragile Products.
  • Safety for products
  • Elegance in marketing

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    Online Advertising

    Financial Planning
    An era which is so turbulent in the human history, when countries around the world value themselves on there economy growth and there citizens' networthiness. "SofTOUCH" advises people the importance of building up a strong financial future for their own self and their family and to choose ideal investment options.
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    Welcome to Goa! The land of sun, sand and seas. A place on earth where the fun never ends and you experience a glorious heritage of the past. Here comes "SofTOUCH" guiding Indians (currently South Indian) in their mother tongue and also getting suitable tour packages for various groups such as families, honeymooners, singles, businessmen, students etc..
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    Tour Planning

    Wellness Planning NutriTOUCH
    This decade, the world is prioritizing on one area of life which is "wellness" and so the lifestyles of men and women. Yes, "SofTOUCH" too would take part in the march ahead of seeing a better health in every common man living on the earth.
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    An institution by God the almighty, for man, it is not good to be alone and needs a help meet for him. "SofTOUCH" identifies this need of any common man and supports the individuals to seek an ideal life partner.
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