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We are committed to carry the products and services which are useful to the common man of any society, community or nation, in association with like minded manufacturers and service providers who pass on their respective products or services for distribution, advertising or marketing and be an integral part in their business.

Santhosh John, Chief Executive, Softouch Services
Santhosh John
Chief Executive
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We are committed to reach out to the people without any communal, regional, national or geographical binding and have our presence in Goa as a province, India as a nation, South Asia as a global region, Asia-Pacific as a global part and the world as a "global village" and take "SofTOUCH" to the level of a brandname for distribution, advertising or marketing being a prominent partner of any seven brands from the "FORTUNE Global 500".


We are committed to make Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound (SMART) "Goals" over the years in order to "Plan-up" and "Act" towards "Our Mission", while doing "Continual Improvement" and recording the "Corrective Actions" in the interim years enabling our "NEXt GENErationS" to work with "One HardPunch" in their thoughts for "Bunches of Action" towards "Our Vision" of "A SofTOUCH" to the world.

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